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Why use Google AdWords ? pretty common keyword phrase searched on Google, which suggests that there are a lot of marketers and business owners out there who have heard about Google Ads, but aren’t sure if and how it can work for them. We believe that Google Ads enormously successful pay-per-click advertising system and can work for almost any type of business. Using Google Ads requires time and money, but many businesses have found that it’s time and money well spent, because Google Ads delivers measurable ROI. We’ve devoted countless pages to how you should use Google Ads. In this post, we’ll answer the question of why you should use it.

1) Only Pay for Results

One of the great perks of working with Google Ads is the fact that you only pay for the success of your campaign. In other words, due to the nature of the way PPC advertising works, you will only pay for the number of times your ad or link has been clicked. This means that you shouldn’t worry about wasting money should the campaign turn out to be less successful than expected as little or no clicks means paying Google little or no money! However, set up your campaign accurately and correctly and the number of clicks you get will most certainly be worth the money you’ll be paying for!

2) Measurable

Without Measurable performance you can’t improve anything. It’s a well-known fact that online marketing is much more measurable than TV or billboard advertising. This is due to the technology that has been invested in online advertising in recent years, and nobody measures quicker and more meticulously than Google Ads does. Even when compared with traditional SEO marketing, where it can often be difficult to deduce what exactly is causing your website’s ranking to increase or decrease, Google Ads still leads the way with a wide range of PPC metrics that allow you to scrutinise the performances of different aspects of your campaign to the smallest available detail. These accurate overviews give you the opportunity to determine whether your campaign has met your expectations and, if not, what you can do to improve its performance.

3) Flexibility

Google Ads campaigns can easily be customised, enabling you to focus on specific target audiences and online users. Amongst the available filters that you can apply to your audiences are time, language, location, the device used etc. You can also set up specific keyword match types, allowing you to only display your ad to people who search for the exact keywords that you previously specified. On the other hand, you can also provide Google Ads with ‘negative keywords’ that include words you do not want your website or ad to be found under. You ensure that your business or industry is somewhat being searched for on a regular basis on Google.

4) That’s where everyone is!

Do you know someone who has never used Google? Me neither. Google has become part of people’s daily lives as nearly everyone uses it in some capacity, some more or less than others. It is the world’s leading and most popular search engine, with more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. In fact, Google processes an average of around 40,000 search queries per second! ( This data from Google itself 🙂 ) This proves that Google really has become ingrained in people’s daily, online lifestyles, becoming the hub that people refer to if they have a question or query about a certain topic. So advertising on Google really is a no-brainer, considering many of your prospects and leads will be using Google for different reasons on a frequent basis. Not to mention the popularity of Google’s partners such as YouTube & Gmail, which also make use of Google Ads.

5) Engaging Your Customers

Over the years, Google has intensified its efforts to keep improving and upgrading Google AdWords. It has, in recent times, released several new ad formats, most notably the product listing ads and of course the ‘in-video ads’ on YouTube. Engaging ad formats, like the in-video YouTube ads, make way for more likes, comments and of course – clicks. That means more revenue for your company, which in turn means more revenue for Google. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day! Still doubting the potential reach you can get by advertising on YouTube? Surely not!

6) Faster and Easier than SEO

AdWords and SEO are both important components that belong to SEM. When applied correctly, both can help you boost and optimise your presence on Google and its Partner Products. However, when comparing the two, it’s clear that for quicker and stronger results, Google AdWords is the way to go.

Let’s say you want to advertise your recently launched website. Seeing results through SEO takes some time, usually several months, before you start to see your website appearing in Google searches. Due to the high competition from small and large companies who have already established their position in organic search, your website will find it difficult to stand out.

However, by using Google Ads, you can quickly get on the first few pages on Google, which then helps you position your website above other organic results. As soon as your website is up and running, you can start making your ad visible within 24 hours. It’s important to note that using Google Ads doesn’t mean ditching SEO altogether. On the contrary, use Google Ads to strengthen your position on Google and its Partner Products whilst simultaneously working on improving your organic ranking with SEO. Using the results you have obtained from your Google Ads campaign, you can then discover how effective your keywords were, allowing you to use the AdWords data later on when building an SEO campaign.

Does your company use Google Ads (AdWords)? Why (not)? Has it helped you strengthen your online position? We would love to know what your views are on this. Please let us know in the comments section below! The team at The Digi Scaling is always here and ready to help you optimise your Google campaigns! Haven’t tried us yet? Send Us your requirements on info@digiscaling.com and find out for yourself!

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